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• Texas-based Brookshire Grocery Co. announced yesterday that it has “rolled out online ordering with curbside pickup service to 100 stores in its Brookshire’s, Super 1 Foods and FRESH by Brookshire’s banners.”

The company says that after initially piloting curbside pickup in late 2017 at its FRESH by Brookshire’s store in Tyler, Texas, it “expanded the service to dozens of Super 1 Foods stores this summer. Since Dec. 2018, the company has introduced curbside pickup at 60 Brookshire’s Food Stores, including launches at seven locations today.”

Brookshire’s expansion of its e-commerce business is being powered by Mercatus.

Fortune reports that Cedars-Sinai Hospital “has launched a pilot program to test a new Alexa-powered healthcare platform called Aiva. With it, patients can use an Amazon Echo in their room to do things like controlling their televisions or call a nurse.”

According to the story, “When a patient says something like ‘Alexa, tell my nurse I need to get up to use the restroom,’ the request will be routed to the mobile phone of the appropriate caregiver for that task. The hospital says that something like a pain medicine request would be sent to a registered nurse, while a request to use the restroom would go to a clinical partner. If a request goes unanswered, then it will be moved up the chain of command.”

• The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that Amazon “is starting to let brand owners delete listings on its site for products they deem fake, marking a sharp shift in its struggle to fight counterfeiters that cedes some of its responsibility to other companies.

“The online retail giant on Thursday launched a new anticounterfeiting program, called Project Zero, that it says would better protect brands from scammers by letting them designate listings for removal, rather than going through a cumbersome reporting process with Amazon. The company has been testing it with roughly 15 brands for a few months, and will now start inviting selected additional companies to participate. Amazon said it wants all brand owners to join the program eventually but declined to specify a timeline.”
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