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Yahoo Finance reports that Amazon-owned Whole Foods has decided to totally end its “365 by Whole Foods” program, and will convert all 12 of the stores under that banner to the Whole Foods name.

Earlier this year, the company said it would not open any more 365 stores, but would leave the 12 existing units operating under that name. Shortly thereafter, it said it could convert some of the stores to the Whole Foods name. Now, it apparently is going to go the Whole way.

The 365 brand originally was conceived as a way to address what Whole Foods - before its acquisition by Amazon - saw as gaps in its brand appeal; the stores were said to have lower prices, less service, more technology, and with greater appeal to younger consumers.
KC's View:
I suppose this makes sense. I tended to think that 365 could be a laboratory for new ideas, but Amazon is less shy than many retailers about experimenting in the big room.

The fact is that 365 never, in my view, achieved the goals for which it was designed. So maybe it is better to just scrap the whole notion.