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Axios reports that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that “he plans to work to legalize recreational marijuana next year in the state ‘once and for all’ — the latest in a string of recent policy shifts embracing legalization of the drug.

“The big picture: 10 states and D.C. have already legalized recreational marijuana, while it's legal in 33 states and D.C. for medical purposes. One of the biggest arguments state and local government officials have for legalization is the revenue it could bring — in New York, it could bring in more than $1.7 billion annually.”
KC's View:
I know at least one food retailer with stores in New York who has said he cannot wait to be able to sell cannabis - that he firmly believes that this is an enormous opportunity to bring marketing and merchandising savvy to a category that sorely needs it. Not to mention make a lot of money.