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The Detroit Free Press has a story about how Kellogg’s is turning Corn Flakes not suitable for consumption as cereal into … wait for it … beer.

The story says that Kellogg’s “is teaming up with Seven Bro7hers Brewery in the United Kingdom to take rejects from its Manchester facility and create Throw Away IPA … The recipe uses about 130 pounds of Corn Flakes per batch for the 5 percent ABV craft beer, which will be sold in cans and on draft.”

The company says that the initiative is part of a broader corporate commitment to eliminating food waste.
KC's View:
Environmentalism probably never tasted so good. What impresses me is the list of various craft beers that have been made from breakfast cereal, including, the story says, “Somerville Saturday morning made with Cap'n Crunch CrunchBerries, Brew Rebellion Saturday Morning Cartoons milk stout made with Fruity Pebbles, Black Bottle Cerealiously, made with Count Chocula, among others.”

Waste not, want not.