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Digital Trends writes about how Uber Eats, which delivers meals from a variety of venues to homes and workplaces, “is looking at ways of encouraging customers located in a specific area to order from the same restaurant so that a single driver can deliver multiple meals in one journey.”

The service is called Uber Eats Pool, and here’s how it works, according to Digital Trends:

“Uber Eats charges a restaurant a small fee for priority placement on the home screen of the Uber Eats app. The featured restaurant maintains its prominent position for a limited period of time, possibly just a few minutes if the restaurant reaches its limit for orders. It can’t stay up for long because customers who order early won’t want to be kept waiting. In this way, the restaurant can expect a flurry of activity as its business features on the app and orders rush in.

“The featured restaurant only shows for customers in a particular part of the city, giving the driver a better chance of delivering all of the meals before any of them turn stone cold. Importantly, to incentivize customers, a discount on the order is offered. There’s also a countdown clock that shows exactly how long they have left to order before the discount disappears, a mechanism that could certainly persuade (or pressure?) someone with a rumbling tummy to hit the order button more quickly.”

The story says that the system is being tested in India, with no word on when it might come to the US.
KC's View:
There is a reason that Uber Eats is seen as the jewel of the company’s operations, and this illustrates how the company is trying to simultaneously manipulate and satisfy customer behavior.