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Digiday reports on how Amazon plans to combine its two marketplaces - “one for first-party sellers, which it calls Vendor Central, and Seller Central, for third-party sellers” - into a single platform, called One Vendor.

This move, the story says, “could be another way the company continues to assert dominance over the brands that sell on its platform.”

Some context:

“Specifics on exactly how One Vendor will operate are scarce. Amazon said that it doesn’t have a One Vendor program. But according to former Amazon employees that now operate agencies assisting brand clients in selling on Amazon, it’s coming, and a consolidated marketplace would be both an efficiency play (one marketplace is easier to operate than two) and a way to exercise control over how brands appear on Amazon. There’s also the media play, as this could be a way to muscle brands into spending more on Amazon’s ad products.”
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