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• The Los Angeles Times reports that “online sales totals for Black Friday broke a record again this year, and they’re on track to make Cyber Monday the biggest online shopping day the nation has ever seen … Adobe predicted that Cyber Monday would be the largest online shopping day ever with an estimated $7.9 billion in sales.”

The story goes on: “On Friday, shoppers racked up $6.2 billion in online purchases, up 24% from $5.03 billion during last year’s Black Friday, according to data from Adobe Analytics, which tracks U.S. shopping during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. That marks the largest Black Friday online spending total ever, Adobe said.”

Bloomberg reports on a new PwC study suggesting that millennial shoppers are expected to spend freely on their pets during the current holiday shopping season.

According to the story, “Millennial households earning $70,000 or more will be the biggest spenders, forking over an average of $183 for pet gifts this holiday, versus the $67 that overall consumers will spend, according to PwC … The holiday spending comes as pet owners increasingly treat their animals like members of their families - a trend known as ‘humanization’ - boosting spending for premium pet food and toys.”

Bloomberg goes on to say that “high-earning millennials, feeling good about the economy, will spend an average of $2,021 on all gifts this holiday season - including for humans.”

Fast Company has a story about how “earlier this year, Starbucks sent 18 truckloads of old paper cups to a paper mill in Wisconsin to prove a point: Contrary to a widespread myth, paper coffee cups can be recycled cost-effectively. The cups–25 million in total, from excess inventory that the coffee chain otherwise would have sent to landfill–were processed at the mill. Then the recycled fiber was sent to another partner to be incorporated into paperboard for new Starbucks cups … It’s commonly thought that it’s difficult or expensive to separate the plastic lining from the cups, or that contamination from coffee is an issue. But it’s no more expensive to recycle cups than other paper.”

• Massachusetts-based Wholesale Club announced that the company is expanding to Eastern Michigan, opening two new clubs in 2019 in Madison Heights and Taylor, serving the Detroit metro area. The company also said it is seeking other area sites for its regional expansion.
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