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Bloomberg reports that “Shufersal Ltd., Israel’s largest supermarket chain, is partnering with local startup Trigo Vision Ltd. to eliminate the need for cashiers in its 272 stores … Trigo’s platform uses a feed from ceiling cameras to identify items in a customer’s shopping cart, which are tallied to produce the bill.”

According to the story, “Trigo says its technology has a 99.5 percent accuracy rate. Founded in 2016, the startup offers grocers two models: One replicates the AmazonGo experience, where a customer self-identifies with her smart phone and leaves with her items, and the chain bills her credit card. The other allows anyone to enter the store, grab his goods and check out at giant screens that have already catalogued the contents of his shopping cart.”

The company says it is negotiating with two major supermarket chains to test the technology in their stores.
KC's View:
I think we’re going to see a lot more of these tests and innovations … it’ll be really important to see these kinds of technologies ramp up and work in actual retail environments. I’ve seen the Zippin and Standard stores in San Francisco, and they are all promise, with limited implementation. They’re mostly demonstration facilities, with the operators hoping to get some contracts to build them out. That’s not a bad thing, but it pales in comparison to the actual commerce being conducted at Amazon Go.