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Advertising Age reports that Unilever-owned Dollar Shave Club, which has helped create an online subscription business that disrupted a number of traditional players in the space, has begun testing “vending machines at malls and transit hubs in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Minneapolis … The machines will offer six pre-bundled kits of various DSC products for $12, and members who have the DSC app will get notifications on their phones when they're nearby.”

And, the story says, “DSC is fundamentally changing how it brings new customers into the fold, moving beyond its core of men getting monthly boxes of razor blades in favor of less frequent shipments of its broad range of shave prep, haircare, skincare and oral-care products … New customers are now pitched on DSC's Full Service offering, which includes an initial $15 starter box with products for shaving, haircare and oral care, followed by a ‘restock box’ a month later for $48.88 and an open-ended offer to buy more later.”

DSC founder and CEO Michael Dubin puts it this way: “We've moved from razors once a month to everything you need to look, smell and feel your best a couple times a year.”

Part of DSC’s expanded portfolio, the story says, is an expanded men’s fragrance line called Blueprint, which is “being marketed primarily to existing members for now … DSC’s research shows 62 percent of members wear cologne daily, with 86 percent of the cologne wearers using different scents for different occasions. So Blueprint launches with six fragrances, three each in ranges named Fresh and Warm.”
KC's View:
Fascinating how they’re moving beyond the subscription model, which always strikes me as guaranteed income once a relationship has been established. I have to wonder if DSC is going to use the vending model to lure people into signing up for subscriptions.