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TechCrunch reports that convenience store chain 7-Eleven “is piloting a new mobile check-out process called Scan & Pay. 7-Eleven shoppers can track their items by scanning a product’s QR code with their phone and pay using the 7-Eleven rewards mobile app. The company, which operates more than 65,000 stores in 17 countries, is currently piloting Scan & Pay in 14 Dallas stores. It plans to expand the service to additional cities in 2019.

Digiday writes that “when a customer is near one of these 7-Eleven stores, the Scan & Pay feature will automatically appear within the 7-Eleven rewards app, available on Apple or Android. When shopping, customers scan barcodes of items and pay directly through their phones, either with a card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, applying any rewards to their purchases. Upon leaving these stores, customers scan a QR code in the store to confirm they paid.”

The only products that can’t be bought using the system are hot foods, lottery tickets, alcohol and tobacco.

Gurmeet Singh, 7-Eleven’s chief digital officer and chief information officer, tells TechCrunch, “For us, it was important to figure out how to continue to drive convenience in the digital age. We are ready to adapt to the changing consumer patterns and changing demands of the consumer.”
KC's View:
These kinds of technologies are going to become ever more commonplace … and they provide an easier way for companies to edge toward the checkout-free environment that a number of companies (the ones with deeper pockets) will embrace. In the case of 7-Eleven, I think this is just a way-station on the road to checkout-free.