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On the subject of companies taking political positions, MNB reader Jimmy Ducey wrote:

It’s OK to have differing views but the danger is in discounting everything a person, a group, a company, or a politician says or does.

Unfortunately that seems to be the new norm. With regard to President Trump, he drives me nuts, but I support some of the things he has done, not all, but some.

Because of my independent thinking the Right thinks I’m stupid, and the Left, they know I’m stupid.

I’ve got to tell you, I’m not a big fan of companies that choose sides, even if they share my views.
I like companies, products, and people that make me feel good.

Now it’s up to me to decide how Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever made me feel today.

I’m thinking the ice cream from a less polarizing company would taste better. But what do I know, I’m stupid.

MNB reader Emily Notrica had a different take:

Thank goodness a company like Ben & Jerry’s is willing to make a stand and have the balls to take the chance! How many companies worry about the consumer turn off and lost revenues when taking a stand for what is right and what should be said/done—way too many won’t risk it! Love that Ben & Jerry’s continues to do what’s right for the people and for a better life for all!

Yesterday we took note of a CNBC report on how CVS is testing a new service, CarePass, in Boston, that sounds an awful lot like Amazon Prime. This prompted one MNB reader to write:

I like the idea KC, but it should be free with the prices they charge on non - CVS branded items. Markups much higher than a traditional grocery store, and they(as well as Walgreens) are both 100 billion dollar companies. Just something they should look at, IMO.
KC's View: