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WinCo Foods has announced that Steven Goddard has stepped down as CEO, and has been succeeded by company president Grant Haag.

The transition has been in process since last April, when the company announced Goddard’s planned retirement.

Goddard worked at WinCo for more than 20 years, and Haag’s move into the role continues a company transition of internal growth - Haag has worked there for 34 years.
KC's View:
Steven Goddard is someone who has garnered an enormous amount of respect in the food industry, helping to shepherd a company that is a tough competitor in every market where it operates, that has been resolute and disciplined about its value-driven approach to retailing, and extraordinarily successful with its employee-ownership business model.

Grant Haag has big shoes to fill.

Personally, I’m going to to miss him .,.. because Steven Goddard has been extraordinarily generous to me over the years, coming to speak to my Portland State University summer class three separate times. Not only has he talked to our students, but he also has listened to them … taking their comments and criticisms very seriously, and always following up with them. Every time he’s come to class, he’s been a big hit. I really appreciate that.

The only problem I have with this announcement is that he and I are about the same age … which means, to my mind, that he is way too young to be retiring from anything. I look forward to seeing what he does next.