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The Financial Times writes about how growing “interest in agricultural and food technology is the result of several powerful trends. Growing demand for protein, especially from the developing world, is putting pressure on food supply. At the same time, consumer tastes in the western world are shifting from mass-produced brands towards healthier and more unique products.

“Into that mix comes a burst of scientific innovation, ranging from gene editing, artificial intelligence and digital technology, that is now being applied to food production and crops … Around the globe, money is rushing into new forms of agriculture and food distribution, funding projects ranging from vertical farms and agricultural robots to alternatives to meat. In the five years to 2017, annual global investment in food tech, from farm management systems to robotics and mechanisation, more than tripled to $10bn, according to AgFunder, a venture capital tracker.”

You can read the full story here.
KC's View:
This sounds similar to another story, from the Washington Post, that we referenced a few days ago. But it actually is a different story, and worth taking a look at … in part because it adds to the perception that there is something happening in this area that is gaining momentum. It’ll create all sorts of challenges and debate, I suspect, but it is a conversation worth having.