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Good piece in USA Today about the sexual harassment epidemic, and how it can be found in corners of business that may not be getting enough attention.

An excerpt:

“It has been a year since #MeToo burst into the national consciousness, bringing to light the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in work sites across the country.

“But some critics say that women of color and those in lower-wage jobs have been largely left out of the conversation. Though the #MeToo hashtag was created by a black woman more than a decade ago, the faces of the cause have often been white and affluent, while the industries receiving the most media scrutiny have been the rarefied worlds of Hollywood and TV journalism.

“And yet it is black women in particular, and the female employees of restaurants, factories and other blue collar workplaces who bear the brunt of sexual harassment and abuse.”

You can read the entire, sickening story here.
KC's View:
This is sickening, in so many ways.

I am sickened by the idea that so many men think they can get away with this crap, and behave with impunity, believing that they are entitled and, ironically enough, untouchable simply because of their gender and their positions of power.

I’m sickened by the idea that in so many hotel rooms these days, management has been forced by reality to post signs warning guests that they’re not allowed to sexually harass the help. Really? Who taught these cretins that this is a thing they’re allowed to do?

This cannot be a case of women fighting the battle on their own. Bad behavior by men is an affront to everybody who believes in the idea of basic human dignity. I think the men who behave this way ought to lose their jobs, be prosecuted, and, quite frankly, be shamed in the public square. Is it too late to bring back the stocks and pillory?