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BusinessInsider reports that Walmart has filed for a patent application on a “shopping cart that would track things such as shoppers' heart rates and temperatures and how strongly they're gripping the handle … the cart would use this data to figure out whether shoppers are stressed and when they might need help.”

The story says that “employees would be alerted to check on customers who seem to be internally freaking out, based on the shopping cart's analysis.”

According to the story, “The patent application is careful to clarify that the data would not be linked to the identity of any individual customer. However, a shopping cart that could essentially read customers' minds is a futuristic concept that may edge into creepy territory for some.”
KC's View:
I hope they’re grading on a freakin’ curve…because it is hard for me to imagine anyone walking around a Walmart with a shopping cart and not feeling elevated stress. I walk around a Walmart, and “freaking out” is sort of the low bar on the emotional thermometer.

I hope they train their employees well, because how they ask the question will matter a lot. “Can I help you find something?” will play a lot differently from “Sir, are you having a heart attack?”