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MediaPost reports on a new study from Juniper Research suggesting that “smart checkouts will process more than $45 billion in retail transactions in 2023 … That will be up from about $253 million this year, for an annual growth rate of 182%.”

Juniper defines smart checkout as “technology that automates the scanning process, including approaches using sensors like at Amazon Go stores, robotic checkout like those from Panasonic and automated facial recognition payment technology already being used in China.”

The story notes that “Juniper estimates it will take until 2021 to have more than 2,000 retail outlets deploying smart checkout technologies.”
KC's View:
This sounds pretty impressive until you remember the story from just the other day about how Amazon has a plan that, if implemented, would result in the opening of as many as 3,000 checkout-free Amazon Go stores by 2021. All by itself.