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• In Thursday Night Football action, the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Minnesota Vikings 38-31.

TechCrunch writes about how Amazon is taking full advantage of its streaming rights to Thursday night National Football League games, leveraging “Prime Video’s ‘X-Ray’ technology to give viewers access to real-time stats, team info, and the ability to shop for team merchandise on"

That’s right - US viewers will be able “to shop its site via X-Ray for things like team hats, t-shirts and other gear – all right from the TV screen.”

At the same time, the story says, in addition to the regular NFL Fox Sports feed featuring play by play from Joe Buck and color commentary by Troy Aikman, Amazon also is featuring an alternative feed with sports journalists Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm - the first time “two women commentators have covered an NFL game in its entirety,” Amazon says.

The streaming of the game will be available via all Fire TV devices.
KC's View:
I’d like to say upfront that I’d have no problem watching any game in which the broadcasters were all knowledgeable women … it doesn’t matter to me.

My first reaction to the Andrea Kremer-Hannah Storm part of this story was positive; how cool is it that anyone who wants to get a woman sportscaster’s perspective can have that option? It turns broadcasting into targeted narrowcasting.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I wondered if this is just another symbol of striations being created, or at least exacerbated in our society … striations that eventually turn into deep and eventually insurmountable barriers.

I can understand simulcasting in another language, but there’s something about this that concerns me. In some ways, I might’ve been happier if Amazon simply named these women as its broadcasting team, and didn’t just offer them up as an enlightened option. (Though, to be fair, Amazon’s contract with the NFL may require it to carry the main feed with Buck and Aikman, while allowing Amazon to offer an alternative.)

Not trying to cause trouble here, or be overly sensitive. I’m just saying’…