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USA Today reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing a draft rule that will now have it naming retailers that have been selling recalled items, not just the manufacturers that made them.

According to the story, the change “will mostly apply to ‘serious recalls,’ those in which eating the food could cause ‘serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals’ or in situations in which it's hard to figure out from the food's packaging – or lack thereof – if it's subject to the recall, such as deli cheese, nuts, fresh produce sold individually, rawhide chews or pet treats sold in bulk.”

USA Today goes on: “The FDA said it hasn't traditionally shared the names of specific stores who sold the recalled foods because of concerns about the confidential details of supplier-retailer relationships. In addition, in most cases the information recalling companies distribute is enough for shoppers to determine whether they've already purchased it and if not, how to avoid it.”
KC's View:
But not always enough. I think this is an excellent idea … the health and wellness of shoppers is far more important than “the confidential details of supplier-retailer relationships.”