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by Kevin Coupe

It is the mark of a unique retailer that people actually clamor to have it open in their community.

Think of it as “YIMBY,” or “yes in my backyard.”

That’s what has been happening the past few years in Surprise, Arizona, where residents - and the local economic development authorities - have been going out of their way to let Costco know how much they’d like the retailer to come to town.

For several years in a row, according to a story in USA Today, local development authorities and residents have held a birthday party for Costco, celebrating on the anniversary of the opening of its first store. They take pictures, wear hats, and even eat a Costco-made cake … and then send the photos to the company with entreaties such as “wish you were here.”

The story says that “by sending Costco fun notes, Surprise hopes to stand out in a crowd and build a relationship with the company.” And while Costco does not comment on where it might be planning to put stores in the future, Surprise’s rate of growth, the story says, would lead one to believe that it might be somewhere on the list.

If it happens, it’ll be an Eye-Opener.
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