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CNBC reports that a new survey from Deutsche Bank suggests that 85 percent of Amazon Prime members would be willing to purchase prescription drugs from Amazon, which the bank says poses “a huge opportunity for the e-commerce behemoth.”

The bank’s analysis points out that “Amazon has a history of starting small, testing the market and fine-tuning the service, before launching a full-fledged commercial operation. As such, we believe it is a question of when and where — and not if — Amazon enters the healthcare space more forcefully.”
KC's View:
No surprise here. I see no reason, other than regulatory, why Amazon cannot get into this business, and I see no reason why people who are thrilled with Prime wouldn’t be willing to use it to get prescriptions.

BTW … didn’t we have a story yesterday about at least one study predicts that Amazon Prime subscribers will more than double to 275 million in a decade?