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Eater reports that McDonald’s has opened a futuristic prototype restaurant in Chicago that has replaced the Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s on North Clark Street that was a longtime attraction.

According to the story, “The new location features a corridor of touchscreen kiosks in the middle of the restaurant. Staff hovers around to help in case of an electronic malfunction. Customers can also head to the counter and order food like at a traditional fast-food restaurant. There’s no menu additions, so forget about special perks like McRibs available every day.” The location also features “flatscreen menus, WiFi with a 100mb upload/download speed … and plenty of plugs to charge mobile devices are included. There’s also a separate coffee counter with pastries for those who just need caffeine.”

Eater notes that “McDonald’s plans to open seven new restaurants in Chicago over the next two years. The company is in the middle of modernizing the city’s 93 locations.”
KC's View:
This sounds interesting, but not nearly as interesting as the restaurant that McDonald’s opened in its new headquarters that offers menu items that it sells in other countries but not in the US.