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The New Yorker has an interesting piece - written with tongue in cheek - about the rise and fall of Diet Coke, writing that it “helped define a novel archetype of masculinity - the bootstraps kid who’d made it big, who was cool and modern, in a suit - that would later be perverted to support crimes of the sort now finally being recognized. As an office drink and a leisure drink, a daylight beverage and an acceptable cocktail order, Diet Coke was suited to porous work-life boundaries and the leaders who learned to thrive in, and in some cases insidiously exploit, the gray areas of that new world.

“To an astonishing extent, the age of Diet Coke - its rise, its reign, its fall - maps onto a historical bracket that began with the launch of MTV and ended with the emergence of social media: the era of the power of the image in a mainstream burnished form.”

You can read the entire piece here.
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