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The Wall Street Journal reports that the soft drink industry is facing the fact that over the past two years there have been more than a half-dozen communities that have enacted soda taxes to address what is perceived as their growing obesity problems.

The solution? Since some local communities seem resistant to the soft drink companies’ persuasive charms - and the significant amounts of money they are willing to spend on lobbying to get their way - the goal now is to get states to pass laws that prevent municipalities from enacting any such taxes.

According to the story, “The beverage industry says the statewide measures are an appropriate way to protect local businesses and consumers from higher taxes … In California, the bill to pre-empt soda taxes, which was championed by the soda industry and introduced over the weekend, came as a shock to public health advocates and many state lawmakers. The state has passed more soda taxes than any other, shepherded by progressive lawmakers who see them as a source of revenue for schools and public services and a tool to fight obesity and diabetes.”
KC's View:
Is this how democracy begins to die? I have to admit that I get downright cranky when someone tries to take away my right to vote on something. I wonder what the people making this play are hiding, or why they’re so convinced that their interests are more important than my interests as a functioning citizen in a democracy.

I’m not saying I’m for soda taxes. I am saying that I ought to have the right to help determine my community’s position on them. And I’d be curious what positions the people spearheading efforts to stop local initiatives have taken in the past on local rights.

I think this is a crock.