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In Minnesota, the Star Tribune has a piece about how Target is putting a face - and much more - on its diversity efforts.

An excerpt:

“When she became Target’s chief diversity officer four years ago, Caroline Wanga tested the waters by coming to work in dreadlocks, something she had always been told was a no-no in corporate America.

“To her surprise, no one seemed to care.

“Next she threw out her ‘work closet’ full of blazers and cardigans and started dressing the way she prefers.

These days, she keeps employees at Target’s headquarters guessing and smiling at her get-ups. One day, her outfit might include a giant red cape and baggy red pants, spurring jokes that she’s been sent from Wakanda, the fictional high-tech African nation from Black Panther. The next, she might wear head-to-toe sequins. Some days her hair is orange, some days it’s red.”

In her role, the story says, “Wanga has brought that same direct approach to helping Target establish eight companywide diversity goals, from increasing its assortment of multicultural dolls, beauty products and foods to improving hiring and retention of a diverse workforce. To encourage accountability, those goals have been tied into the compensation of the company’s top 300 leaders.”

You can check out the story here.
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