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CBS News reports that “Kroger is doing what they can to help alleviate the cost for teachers by giving away free school supplies during events at four Georgia locations. Events are happening at four locations throughout the month of July and educators can pick up everything thing from copy paper, construction paper, Scotch tape, disinfectant wipes, sandwich bags, markers and much more … Teachers with a valid school ID will be allowed to fill one reusable bag that they can fill with school supplies.”

Good for Kroger. There was a story in Education Week the other day about a new report saying that in more than half the US states, public school teachers do not make a living wage. For the record, Georgia is one of those states. Furthermore, “the report found that despite a relatively steady rise in per-pupil funding, real teacher salaries rose just 7 percent since 1970, and have been largely flat since 1990.” It is a small but important thing when businesses do things like this to support teachers.

USA Today reports that “all Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores will close on or before Friday, the iconic toy retailer announced … Many stores nationwide won't make it until Friday with some closing Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.”
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