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by Kevin Coupe

The Los Angeles Times reports that after two months being closed, Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride has reopened - with changes.

“The scene that for decades showed women tied by ropes and put up for auction has been replaced by a scene that depicts pirates auctioning off the pilfered treasures of the townsfolk,” the Times writes. “A tall, redheaded woman who was shown as the top bride prospect in the previous auction scene is now shown as a pirate.”

The Times notes that “Disney has a history of overhauling rides either to reflect more sensitive contemporary tastes or to inject characters or scenes from new movies that the Burbank-based entertainment giant is trying to promote,” and that “park founder Walt Disney himself always intended for the rides to be updated and refreshed to draw return visits.”

Similar changes have been made at Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Walt Disney World in Florida.

The story notes that the changes have been met with mixed reviews, with some decrying how political correctness has affected even amusement park rides.

I’d have one response to such people: Tough.

Sometimes political correctness isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes, it is just correct. And, it corrects, or at least addresses, the sins of the past.

I’m sure that the guys - and they almost certainly were all guys - who created that ride thought the whole auctioning-off-women-as-property thing was funny. There are guys out there who almost certainly still think that it is funny.

But it isn’t. In 2018, it is indefensible … especially to our sons and daughters, who ought not be taught that such things are humorous or acceptable or appropriate or not worth paying attention to.

I’m glad that Disney made the change. I hope this Eye-Opening story will make other people and companies think about the changes that maybe they ought to be making in their businesses and cultures and even personal behavior.
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