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by Kevin Coupe

Here’s something you probably didn’t know. I didn’t.

Apparently, there are places in this country where kids who open lemonade stands find themselves in legal jeopardy.

Like in Texas. You know, the “Go Big or Go Home” and “Don’t Mess With Texas” state. That’s where two girls’ lemonade stand was shut down because they didn’t have a $150 "peddler's permit.”

And in Maryland, the “Free State,” where a family got hit with a $500 fine when its children opened a lemonade stand without a permit. (Ironically, Maryland has another nickname - the Cockade State. Go figure.)

Now, it isn’t like there are hundreds of these legal challenges breaking out. But there are enough to get the Kraft Heinz-owned Country Time lemonade company involved, providing what it calls ‘Legal-Ade’ to kids who are hit with such fines.

“Any child fined for running a lemonade stand without a permit can have his or her parent apply for reimbursement," the company says. "To apply, simply upload the image of your child's permit or fine along with a description of what your lemonade stand means to your child, in his or her own words. The submission will be reviewed by the Legal-Ade team and if it complies with the terms, you will receive the exact amount to cover the permit or fine, up to $300.00.”

The company has put aside $60,000 for the fund, and will pay out reimbursements as long as there’s money in the fund.

Big deal? No. (Unless you’re a kid with an illegal lemonade stand.) Smart deal? Absolutely … because it is getting Country Time all sorts of Eye-Opening good publicity, and positioning it with kids and summer.
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