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Bloomberg reports that Amazon is facing some tension over the timing of its annual Prime Day promotion, which traditionally takes place in early July and creates one of the busiest days of the year at its warehouses.

According to the story, Prime Day inevitably will overlap with Ramadan, “30 sacred days during which many observant Muslims fast and seek time off. That’s creating tension in Minnesota’s Twin Cities region, where activists say Inc. employs more than 1,000 East African Muslim immigrants at four warehouses.”

Bloomberg reports that “the conflicting demands of the religious holiday and the corporate one has helped spur something almost unheard of: Concerted workplace activism by employees of Amazon. In a tight labor market, at a sensitive moment for management, employees say the company is making moves to address the culture clash.”

In a statement, Amazon said it would “respect the religious practices of employees and offer accommodations as needed,” with sources telling Bloomberg that “Amazon has historically made accommodations for workers observing Ramadan, such as providing prayer space and mats and adjusting break times.”
KC's View:
These are the things that companies never used to have to worry about, but do today. And should. We live in a more diverse world, and companies have to be sensitive about people’s issues and sensitivities if they are going to be employers of choice.