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by Kevin Coupe

The Boston Globe reports on the latest workout trend that seems to be gaining some traction, especially among young professionals.


Here’s how the Globe frames the trend:

“As marijuana legalization has pushed the drug further toward the mainstream — and a longstanding social stigma has begun to dissipate — more individuals are toking up before hitting the weight room, sports field, or mixed martial arts mat.

“Sometimes dubbed ‘cannathletes,’ those who regularly supplement a workout with some form of marijuana laud the benefits of the combination, claiming everything from improved focus and relaxation to help in recovery and pain management.

“While the idea might seem inherently counterintuitive — weed, after all, is a substance more commonly paired with Doritos than dead lifts — there is a passionate contingent that swears by it … Unlike traditional pre-workout supplements — the caffeine and energy drinks designed to provide a jolt while exercising — cannabis has effects, say those who use it, that are largely psychological. Proponents say that the drug gives them focus they otherwise can’t achieve, that it breaks up the monotony of a long run, or that it makes them more mentally nimble.”

I bring this up not because I’m endorsing or even suggesting it … though I have to admit that I’m intrigued by by the notion that maybe it would help me deal with aching 63-year-old knees when I’m out for a run. No, I’m mentioning it because, whether or not I agree with it, the legal pot business is changing the retail landscape to an Eye-Opening degree, and I see little evidence of that slowing down.

And I wonder when we’re going to see traditional retailers get into the business.
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