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Bloomberg reports that Amazon “has stopped buying a popular type of Google ad … highly coveted real estate at the top of Google search results, where retailers and e-commerce bid and pay handsomely to place colorful, image-rich ads that show up when consumers look online for running shoes, headphones and other products to buy.”

This digital real estate has been highly profitable for Google, the story says, and Amazon only started bidding on it a couple of years ago, putting it into direct competition with the likes of Walmart.

The decision to longer buy the space, the story suggests, could be seen “as a sign the company is accelerating its own digital ad offerings, which has been urged by marketers and Amazon shareholders.” At any rate, Bloomberg writes, it is a rare rebuke of Google and almost certainly “deepens the rift between the technology titans and signals Amazon’s growing ambition in the digital advertising market.”

• Western New York-based Tops Friendly Markets announced that it is expanding its delivery services, powered by Instacart, to “include both Watertown and Cortland, NY. This expansion brings the overall number of TOPS stores with the Instacart program to 115.”
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