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• The Washington Post reports that “for every dollar consumers spend on food, only 7.8 cents goes to farmers — a record low that reflects shifts in how Americans eat, according to the Department of Agriculture.

“Where once consumers cooked most of their meals at home, they’re now buying just as many at cafes and restaurants. And while shoppers were once content to husk their own corn and slice their own apples, they now buy those foods — and thousands of others — pre-husked, pre-sliced and otherwise processed.”

In essence, the story says, as more and more value is added at every step of the supply chain, it means that farmers keep getting a smaller piece. A t the same time, “economists agree that a recent dip in commodity prices, driven by a surplus of corn, soybeans and milk, has pushed the farmers’ share down in the short-term.”

• The New York Times that the fast food industry is facing a shortage of teenagers who want to work in it, which is a problem for a business “where cheap labor is an essential component in providing inexpensive food.”

“Since 2010,” the Times writes, “fast-food jobs have grown nearly twice as fast as employment over all, contributing to the economic recovery. But rapid growth has created new problems. Some say restaurants have grown faster than demand, causing a glut of competition that is another source of pressure on business owners.”

CNBC reports that Macy’s “has acquired New York-based concept shop Story and named the business' founder as "brand experience officer" for the department store chain … Rachel Shechtman's responsibilities will include partnering with brands and creating better in-store experiences.”

The article notes that “Story has worked with brands such as and Dressbarn to curate rotating shopping experiences. The space features different themes every few months, like ‘well being’ and ‘made in America.’ A number of the items sold at Story come from local retailers and artists.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
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