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MediaPost reports that ”Forrester’s latest U.S. mobile and tablet commerce forecast for 2017 to 2022 estimates that Americans spent $153 billion on retail products using their mobile devices in 2017 … The study suggests that smartphone retail sales will grow from $100 billion to $209 billion between 2017 and 2022.”

However, the study also suggests that the sales volume being done via these mobile devices leaves a lot of room for improvement: “When consumers were asked in a survey how often they purchased physical goods on a mobile phone, 46% in 2017 said they never did -- up from 41% in 2016. About 6% said they purchase something daily -- down from 11% in 2016. Weekly purchases for each year remained flat at 10%, along with purchases at least monthly at 16 for each of the two years cited.”

The story makes it sound like people use their mobile devices for referrals as opposed to actual purchases: “Google estimates there are tens of millions of consumers asking their mobile phones ‘where can I buy.’ In fact, ‘where can I buy’ mobile searches on Google grew about 85% in the past two years.”
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