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The Cincinnati Business Courier reports that “Kroger Co. is looking to fill an estimated 11,000 positions in its supermarkets, including around 2,000 management jobs … The hiring would not include jobs created as a result of capital investment, such as temporary construction jobs or increases due to the company’s mergers, Kroger said.”

The story says that “the hiring announcement comes as Kroger is investing $500 million in associate wages, training and development over the next three years as part of Restock Kroger.” It also comes as civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., leads a protest/boycott of the company because of the closure of several stores that served minority communities.
KC's View:
I don’t envy Kroger having to hire that many people at a time when unemployment is low and it seems to be a seller’s market. But, if it is going to continue to differentiate its in-store experience, good people is an important component of that. (Though it isn’t just hiring … it also is about training them, getting them to understand the vision, and then being the kind of people who improve the shopping experience as opposed to diminishing it.)