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CNBC reports that Walmart is in talks to acquire PillPack, described as a 24/7 business that “manages prescription medications for its customers which include those with multiple chronic conditions -- all by packaging, organizing and delivering drugs.”

The cost of such a purchase is projected to be under $1 billion.
KC's View:
MNB fave Burt Flickinger was quoted by Reuters the other day that a possible Walmart acquisition of Humana would give the retailer "one more way to checkmate Amazon, and equal and eclipse the CVS/Target partnership, and equal and eclipse the CVS/Aetna partnership,” and “allows them to get ahead of everybody from warehouse club operators like Costco, Target and other retailers that run chain drugstores as well as food-and-drug combo operators like Kroger and Wegmans.”

I would guess that he’d say much the same thing about a Walmart acquisition of PillPack.

Walmart clearly is focused on health care as a potentially enormous differentiator for its business. This would be a good move for the company, and the kind of thing that we increasingly are going to see big companies doing as they try to maneuver themselves into more competitive positions.