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• The Associated Press reports that burger chain In-N-Out is seeking a restraining order again Cody Roeder, who uses the name Trollmunchies when he posts YouTube videos, asking that he be banned from its restaurants and from talking to its employees.

The legal filing stems from a series of visits that Roeder made to In-N-Out locations, identifying himself as the new CEO, harassing employees and even customers, while recording the whole thing and posting the videos on YouTube. This has then led to other people trying to do the same thing, and In-N-Out wants them to be banned as well.

“We have recently seen an increase of visitors to our stores, who are not customers but instead are intentionally disruptive and who then try to promote themselves through social media,” In-N-Out EVP Arnie Wensinger said in a statement. “These visitors have unfortunately used deceit, fraud, and trespass to their own advantage, and in each instance, they have attempted to humiliate, offend, or otherwise make our customers or associates uncomfortable.”

Banned? Hell, if this clown is messing with In-N-Out, I think some sort of long-term prison sentence would be a lot more appropriate. And maybe being forced to eat Burger King.
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