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Interesting piece from the National Public Radio (NPR) Marketplace program, noting that the “US Census says people with disabilities make up at least 19 percent of the US population, so there’s money here from a customer base that’s underserved.”

The story goes on: “For people with disabilities, getting dressed can be one of the first obstacles in the day. Recently, a number of major brands, including Target, Tommy Hilfiger and Zappos, have released adaptive clothing lines. These items, with features like magnetic closures and one-handed zippers, are growing among big brands.

“Target consulted disability nonprofits, and customers and employees, to get their adaptive lines right … Target found that while functionality is important, so is looking fashionable. That's why the company hasn’t made adaptive lines, but adaptive versions of best-sellers.”
KC's View:
I just thought this was fascinating. I had no idea the extent to which this is a market that is underserved, and that more and more brands are identifying as having enormous potential.