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by Kevin Coupe

Yet another measure of how technology is affecting the ways in which people perform traditional tasks…

Variety reports that more than 30 percent of all the opening weekend tickets sold for Black Panther went through the Fandango ticket app - making Fandango’s sales just for the weekend more than $72 million.

Black Panther, produced by Disney and Marvel, “topped Star Wars: The Last Jedi for the second-highest four-day domestic opening of all time, with $242 million at 4,020 North American locations,” Variety writes.

“Our share of the opening weekend box office for Black Panther points to Fandango’s comprehensive coverage and ubiquity on all online and mobile devices, as well as social media platforms, wherever fans are discovering movies and looking to buy tickets,” said Fandango president Paul Yanover.

In other words, an increasingly important and relevant part of the movie ticket purchase experience. I know this - when I bought my advance tickets for Black Panther, I didn’t even think about shopping anyplace other than Fandango. It is, in fact, an inconvenience when a theater I want to go to doesn’t offer Fandango as an option; I sometimes will choose another theater that does.

It is a lesson and an Eye-Opener for anyone who is in the business of pleasing consumers.
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