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by Kevin Coupe

Amazon will be advertising this Sunday during Super Bowl LII, and the company has released a teaser ad just to whet everybody’s appetite.

It looks great. You can watch it at left.

The set up is simple: What happens if Alexa loses her voice? (I presume, from the teaser, that we’re going to get quick takes of various celebrities replacing her. The genius will be in how they execute the concept … there has to be at least one “how did they get that person?” moment.)

There are two things that I could point out about the teaser.

First, that Jeff Bezos - Amazon’s CEO/founder - plays a prominent role. It says something about his growing public profile that he’s willing to do it. (And he’s great.)

Second, note that the only city mentioned in the teaser is Austin, Texas. Could this be a hidden clue about where Amazon plans to put its HQ2?

Just asking. (Though to be fair, I could be overthinking this…)

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