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• The Washington Post has a story about how the Santa Clara Department of Environmental Health in California has launched an investigation into the delivery of fresh pork to a 99 Ranch Market there: “Two men, dressed in yellow coats, were pushing oversize shopping carts filled with raw, unwrapped meat into the store — presumably for sale. In both carts, the meat was piled high, topped with unwrapped pork legs that jutted out into the open air.”

The delivery was caught on camera, by a customer with a cellphone. The pictures were posted online. They got a lot of attention.

A representative for 99 Ranch Market said that all the meat from that delivery has been thrown out, and that the company has filed a complaint against the vendor.

That vendor, Jim’s Farm Meat of Winton, California, said that this is not the way its meat typically is delivered, and that the two men in the photos have been fired.

• The New York Times has a story about how, when French supermarket chain Intermarché decided to sell Nutella spread at 70 percent off, “scenes grew so heated in one store in Ostricourt, in the north of France, that the police had to be called.

“Videos on social media showed shoppers stamping on each other and shouting as they tried to snag the jars at the discounted price of 1.41 euros, or about $1.75. Some stores resorted to restricting sales to one jar per person, with several quickly running out of stock and having to turn away customers.”

C’est la vie.
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