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Starbucks is testing a new approach in the UK that is designed to deal with criticisms that its paper cups are not good for the environment - it is charging five pence, or the equivalent of about seven cents, for using a paper cup.

The approach is only being tested in a few stores, and is on top of a program that offers a small discount to people who bring in their own cups. The goal seems to be to give customers a greater incentive to bring their own cups. notes that “residents of the U.K. toss about 2.5 billion Starbucks cups per year — in the U.S., the number is 4 billion.”
KC's View:
It occurs to me that as well-intentioned as this program may be, part of it runs counter to efforts behind which Starbucks has thrown a lot of muscle - mobile ordering, which pretty much eliminates the possibility of using your own cup. Which leaves people just paying the extra money, and the cups being tossed out anyway. The bottom line that may benefit most from this would be Starbucks’.