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Kroger said yesterday that it has launched ClickList - its click-and-collect service - in its 1000th store, and at the same time has “launched a new integrated digital shopping experience for its online shopping offering,” which “focuses on providing Kroger customers with quicker and easier access to relevant products and recipes, digital coupons, weekly ads and shopping lists joined by an easy-to-use, fully integrated ClickList experience.”

The announcement noted that “Kroger introduced its first ClickList store in November 2014 in Liberty Township, Ohio. The company’s 1,000th store with ClickList is located in Milford, Ohio,  located near its headquarters in Cincinnati.”
KC's View:
So in three years, Kroger has put ClickList in a third of its stores. I guess the question that the company has to answer is whether this is fast enough to keep up with all the innovations being embraced by the competition.