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• Online wholesale club Boxed said yesterday that it “is launching a set of new features it hopes will make shopping easier for customers.

“First up, Boxed is introducing group ordering, which allows shoppers to send links to others to collaborate on building a shopping cart.” In addition, “Boxed is also adding augmented reality to its iOS app. This will let customers see exactly how large these bulk items are before they purchase them — and judge whether they will fit in their pantry. The initiative is starting out with 30 products, but Boxed says it could expand based on customer response.”

And, “Boxed is … launching a Facebook Messenger chatbot as another way to be where customers already are. The bot may suggest reordering items that customers are running out of — which it would know based on a machine-learning algorithm — or to order a new item it thinks they may like based on previous purchases.”
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