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Business Insider reports that Walmart has a “secret laboratory” in its Bentonville, Arkansas, headquarters where it is experimenting with new food pairings as well as “creating new fruits and vegetables to better compete with Amazon.”

Among them: “a cantaloupe called Sweet Spark that stays sweet year-round, tomatoes that can ship long distances without rotting, and a yellow-skinned watermelon with a consistently ‘unbelievable’ flavor.” The new food combinations include “birthday cake flavored oatmeal and fruit punch flavored pickles, which the company named Tropickles.”

The story notes that “The food inventions are part of a larger strategy at Walmart to maintain its status as the No. 1 grocer in the US by differentiating its grocery offering from competitors like Amazon, which took a $13.7 billion stake in the food business this year with the purchase of Whole Foods.”
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