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Fortune has a story about the category carried by Jet that has been kind of problematic for its owner, Walmart.

Sex toys.

Walmart executives, the story says, “had to get used to selling certain products that previously were considered too risqué for the discount chain’s shelves.”

Liza Landsman, the recently promoted president of, tells Fortune that carrying such items makes sense for Jet, which tends to have a more affluent, urban customer than its corporate parent. Plus, they are often items “that people often prefer to buy in the discretion of their own homes.”

To assuage Walmart and prevent customer backlash, the story says, “Jet added a ‘gate’ in front of its online sex toy department, so shoppers must click a button attesting that they are at least 18 years old in order to browse the selection.”

Pretty funny. And Walmart thought the worst thing about Jet would be that the folks there like to drink in the office after work.
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