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On the subject of Target’s decision to raise its minimum wage. one MNB reader wrote:

I agree that this is a good move by Target but it’s worth noting that they are very late, and their service has suffered as a consequence.

Many of us in competitive labor markets have been at $11 for a couple of years and will continue moving forward and up.

Too bad a lot of these massive players don’t just take a bit of a hit in earnings and get their workers off SNAP and other assistance programs that we all end up paying for…

You’re right. Too bad. But big business and big CEOs are rewarded based on how low they can drive their labor factors, not how they make a difference in their people’s lives, nor on the degree to which they can help these people feel invested in their businesses.

Got the following email from MNB reader Bob Martell:

Couldn’t agree more with Michael Sansolo’s takeaway on the Ken Burns Vietnam series. I was aware of French colonialism in Indochina during the 19th century & how we made their problem ours. I knew that our involvement began in the Truman/Eisenhower era but had no idea of the scope and how it devolved under Kennedy, Johnson & Nixon. He's also spot-on about Sen John McCain - a true patriot whose honor & dedication is an inspiration to the entire country. Sen McCain is the exact opposite of our president.

Our most recent episode  of “Arrogance & Ignorance” has been apparent since last Nov. The fact that the 2 countries now at each other’s throats are being run by 11yr olds who can’t detach themselves from the bathroom mirror & puerile name-calling - with the fate of the planet at stake, is horrifying.

Regarding the ongoing controversy enveloping professional sports and the Trump administration, one MNB reader wrote:

Saw an interesting meme in Facebook yesterday and while I’m not taking a side on this subject (for many reasons including my father serving in the Air Force), it really made me stop and think.   It’s a picture of how we “watch” football at home, sitting on sofa with snacks in our lap with the caption of, “Do you stand while watching the game on TV at home, then why do you have a problem if someone else kneels on the field live”….   Brief reminder to check our emotions before getting so upset.  Of course, this assumes most of us don’t stand at home when no one else can see….

And, from MNB reader Tom Herman:

The NFL has a long standing rule that players must stand for the national anthem. They have chosen not to enforce it. What the owners have lost sight of is their customers. If they lose the players, they lose the game? The customer pays for all of this with exorbitant ticket fees, taxes for new stadiums and high cable bills. Is it too much for the lower or middle class paying customer to ask that the multimillionaire players stand during the national anthem to respect their country in return for their hard earned dollars? To knell during the national anthem just politicizes another segment of our lives that used to be entertainment to get away from work and politics. Can we not watch TV, go to the theater, or watch football without the long tentacles of politics invading our space?
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