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The Wall Street Journal has a piece speculating about how deeply Amazon will integrate Whole Foods into its own operations once the $13.7 billion acquisition is completed.

An excerpt:

“Amazon’s options with Whole Foods range from leaving the grocer essentially as a standalone to giving it an overhaul. While the transaction is expected to close this year, Amazon is typically deliberate when it comes to establishing an integration plan, and it could take several months for it to become clear, according to former Amazon employees and people familiar with its acquisition strategy.”

The Journal goes on to write that “a look back at Amazon’s track record shows it is largely hands-off with its acquisitions, except in some cases where it has bought a company for scale or to remove a rival. Their $1.2 billion acquisition of Zappos in 2009 largely left the online shoe seller autonomous, in part to preserve Zappos’ relationship with brands and customers. The two companies established operating guidelines and limited integration to ‘must-haves’.”

The story is available in full here.
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