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The Los Angeles Times reports that FedEx is taking the opposite tack from United Parcel Service and is planning not to impose any special charges on packages shipped during the 2017 end-of-year holiday season.

UPS recently said that it would impose peak season fees - between 27 and 97 cents per package - on packages shipped in the two weeks around Thanksgiving and in the week before Christmas.

The Times writes that this is one way for FedEx "to undercut rival UPS in a fight for a larger share of delivery of the millions of items people buy online."
KC's View:
UPS seemed sure that online retailers would be willing to either cover the surcharge or pass it along to consumers, and I suspect that they figured FedEx would follow along. But that's not the way you compete ... I have n o ideas how this all will share out, but I have to wonder if UPS will now eliminate the surcharge.