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Mashable reports on a new survey from media and research firm Morning Consult concluding that when asked about the pending $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon, "about two in five of the more than 2,000 people polled in the days following the deal said they saw Whole Foods in a more favorable light. Around 45 percent said the same of Amazon.

"Indeed, three in 10 people said they were more likely to join Amazon's Prime program because of the acquisition."

That doesn't mean that all those folks are ready to start doing all their Whole Foods shopping online, though. "While the majority of respondents say they're open to buying canned goods, toiletries, and cleaning products online for delivery — 54 percent, 64 percent, and 64 percent, respectively — the numbers drop off to between roughly 30 and 40 percent when it comes to frozen goods, bread, produce, dairy, and fresh meat."
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