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The Chicago Tribune reports that even though the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods has not been completed, there already is speculation about that might be next on Amazon's list - and one analyst thinks Grubhub "could be the next piece of Amazon’s food domination plans."

Aaron Turner, a Los Angeles-based analyst who covers Grubhub for Wedbush Securities, says that "a combination of WFM and GRUB would give AMZN significant competitive positioning on in-home meal consumption regardless of whether the meal was prepared in home or at a restaurant."

Neither Amazon nor Grubhub are commenting on the speculation.
KC's View:
This is interesting, but everybody has to take a deep breath. Amazon may go on an acquisition tear, but only if Bezos sees pieces he needs to fit into his idealized ecosystem. Grubhub is an interesting idea, but probably not the only one.