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Bloomberg reports that "the proliferation of commercial drones won’t be so much about getting your pizza or new shirt faster - although there is that consideration - but a broader change in how companies employ aerial surveillance and data to inform their businesses, spurred by efficiency and new U.S. rules allowing commercial unmanned systems to operate at farther distances, autonomously.

"A diverse array of companies, ranging from insurers and utilities to real estate and energy, are likely to shift some of their operations to UAV. Some of the work now done by helicopters could be replaced at lower cost. Insurers, for example, are finding aerial surveillance to be a good method for assessing claims after tornadoes and hurricanes and to help understand risks in their underwriting activities."
KC's View:
This is intriguing, and, I have to admit, an unexpected view of how drone technology will affect the business landscape. I never thought of it this way, but the story also makes the broader point about how all these kinds of technologies - including driverless trucks and cars - will create enormous data banks that will allow businesses to be far more targeted and precise in how they develop products and appeal to customers. Very interesting.